Tuesday, February 26, 2008

6633-The Final Frontier-Canada

The final event of the Arctic Grand Slam will be a 120 mile foot race called 6633. The name refers to the latitude and longitude of the arctic circle. It will likely be the most difficult weather of the slam series, as the temperatures will stay below zero and the wind has a notorious reputation for blowing over high clearance vehicles. My sled is required to have a set of attachable wheels in case we run upon an area where the snow has been blown away. That said, why would I be so excited about going? ADVENTURE............I have never been to the Northwest Territories or any of the part of Canada we will run in. Most Canadians have never been to this part of Canada. It is full of beautiful mountains, frozen rivers, forests and many unknowns. The surface of the road is ice and snow with sharp, tire shredding rocks buried underneath. The Demster Road as it is called, is one of two roads in North America (I use the term road loosely) that cross the arctic circle. When I cross the circle on the Demster, I will have crossed it in both locations (the other is in Northern Alaska.) The Demster ultimately ends at the Arctic Ocean in the village of Tuk. A perfect ending for the arctic grand slam. I can't wait!

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Doug McKeever said...

Sarah, I am confident you will do well at 6633. I am glad you dont' plan on doing the LONG version but rather the "easy" 120 miler. You have put in a long, very grueling season already!
(BTW, 6633 is the latitude but not longitude of the Arctic Circle...66 degrees and approximately 33 minutes north of the equator. For those interested, here is a decent map of the Dempster Highway: