Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Special Olympics/Special Slam/Please Help

Please consider clicking on the Firstgiving link at the bottom of this page. Your donation will help ensure that the most special athletes of all have the opportunity to train, compete and enjoy an active lifestyle. No donation is too small. Thank you for your help!!!
Arctic Grand Slam for Special Olympics!!


Jarom's Running Page said...

Wow Sarah...the world must be coming to an end...hahaha!!! I love the blog, way to go girl.

If you can do a blog...um, well, then I guess I can do BADWATER...hahahaha. You're awesome and inspiring.

Never stop! Your friend,


Olga said...

Dear Sarah,
What can I say in a few words? The blog is great but barely scratches the surface of your incredible accomplishments. Knowing you has given me the privilege of tasting your adventures and admiring your kindness. Now others will meet one super special human being, more than a great athlete. As always, be safe, come home. Tu amiga Olga

Doug McKeever said...

No one who knows you doubted that your determination would see you through, but there was always the possibility of injury. I'm glad you didn't suffer any frostbite that halted you, like the other poor fellow. Can't imagine running at -40...heck, it wasn't that cold on Denali!
Now you should go to Florida and visit Karen to thaw out!
Probably not the best time to suggest, it, Sarah, but have you thought of doing Rock and Ice next year as an encore?

runjoey said...

Sarah, I start shivering just thinking about trying to run in those frozen places. You are amazing. Congratulations on all your efforts. I'll stick to races in the temperate zone. Hope to see on on the trails soon.